ClickCease Bendigo Florists Advice For Spring - The Flower Spot

Our Bendigo florists have the right advice for spring

When it comes to choosing the ideal flowers for spring, our Bendigo florists have insider knowledge to  help you when it comes to choosing seasonal flowers for your event, home or office.

As the sun starts to shine and the weather becomes warm enough for outdoor events and entertaining, the flowers also bloom, giving you the opportunity to create beautifully designed spaces with seasonal flowers. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

However, there is certainly a right way to go about choosing the right flowers for different situations and occasions. Spring is all about vibrant blooms and maximum colour, but floral designs must still be elegant and complement the setting. You want your flowers to capture the sun and put a smile on the face of guests, whether you’re looking for flowers for your home, office or for an upcoming event.

At The Flowers Spot we know that flowers set the scene, so having richer flowers with darker colours is not ideal for entertaining on a beautiful spring day. You want to keep the setting light and breezy.

Out with the darker winter tones and in with pastel tones, azaleas, daffodils, and other spring specials that will add a pop of colour to any outdoor or indoor space. If you have a vision that you want to bring to life and are looking to enliven a space for spring, feel free to visit The Flower Spot.

The florists at our Bendigo store will show you our best collection of spring flowers and will work with you to create your desired arrangement. You can also shop our full range of fresh flowers online at your convenience and then have them delivered to your door, your office or your event venue. Contact our florists to find out more about our spring flower collection.